Monday, 11 March 2019

Moriori: Story of Survival Book Review

Book: Moriori: Story of Survival
Author: Maui and Henemata Solomon
Reviewed by: Jedida
Age: 11
School: Pt England

                           :Story Review:
This week’s book is called Moriori: Story of Survival, and
it is a non-fiction book about Moriori people and just
explains mainly their culture, their island, and where their from.

This book is about someone called Maui Solomon, and how
he grew up in a school telling him that his culture, his heritage,
and where he came from was a myth, wasn’t real, but fake.
But it’s also about his Grandfather, Tommy Solomon, their
culture, and them.

Do you know what the island Moriori people live on? Well,
the island is called Rekohu in Maori and the Chatham islands
in English.

Over all, I think that this book is great and I definitely
recommend this book, and I would give it  4 out of 5 stars.

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