Thursday, 20 June 2019

Hard Materials at Tech!

This is the new group that I am in for tech! It is called (as you may know from the title,) Hard Materials. In hard Materials, I am making a Jeep. Here is the reason why. I chose to make a Jeep for my Sister. This is the best choice because out of all the choices I had, the Jeep stood out to me. It will be used however my Sister wants it to be used, in my home. I might need to consider making it stable, to make sure that it can't fall over if it's on a high table or maybe something tall.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Frozen Foods Trigger Words

Title: Frozen Food
Author: Philippa Werry

Trigger Words
Living at Scott Base p26a
  • 50 yrs, 80 people
  • winter 10-12
  • scientists support staff

On this page, it explains how Scott Base works, or like how many people stay there, and when they do.
What about the food? p26b
         Nutritious Food
  • Community
It also says in the book that (if your in antarctica,) you are already taking up a lot of energy keeping warm, so you do need to eat good, nutritious food to keep your energy levels up.
Who’s in charge of feeding?p28a
  • Donna Wightman
  • Winter         
I choose these three words because there is a summer chef, and a winter chef. Right now, the latest chef is Donna Wightman.
Where does the food come from? p28b
         Bulk order
  • February
  • Hercules Aircrafts         
The Chef (Donna Wightman)Orders a Bulk order. The bulk order is delivered to Scott Base in the beginning of February, by Hercules Aircraft's.
How is the food stored? p28c
  • Fridges
  • Storage        
On page 28 it says that after the bulk order is made (or any food things,) they have to store the food (again, if they’ve already used some.) But even though it’s so Freezing in Antarctica, they Still need to use fridges and freezers to store food!
What do they eat? p29
        Typical Meals  
  • Dishes
  • Food    
In this story it also says most of the food they get to eat. They get to eat things like Nachos, Lasagne, Pizza, Thai Curries, Sushi, Meatballs with Spaghetti, and much more. They also have different nights for different themes, when there are different themes, that also means that the chef cooks different meals on those events!
Working hours? p30a
  • Sundays
  • Winter   
The chef has days off on Sundays in the winter. On those sundays/days off, she likes to Read a book, get nice,warm,and cozy and watch a movie, or go down to the American site/place, and talk to others.
Leftovers? p30b
  • Carefully
  • Wasted
Donna caters carefully to make sure that there is no left over food, or any food wasted.
Need for lots of water? p30c
  • Dry
  • Drink
Even though there's so much water around the people at Scott Base, the staff still need to drink heaps of water because the air there, is so dry.
Missing favourite foods? p32a
  • Fresh
  • Fruits
Once it’s winter, most of the yummy fruits and veggies, start to go away. But even in winter, there are still some green stuff available. The chef uses a small unit to grow things like Lettuces, Zucchini, and Tomatoes.
Cooking in Antarctica? p32b
  • Rewarding
  • Skills
Donna says that cooking is her passion (especially in Antarctica!) Cooking in Antarctica, has been the most rewarding thing! She can use her skills to make her own Pastry, Breads, Pies, Pasta, Desserts, Chutneys, and also lots of baked goodies!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Frozen Food

Walt: Condense and paraphrase key ideas in a text.

Task Description:
For this task, in my reading group we had to complete these slides about Scott Base. We also had to do the two other tasks that relate to Scott Base. In these slides you will see some question (that I have answered.) If you also look around on my blog, you may see the book review that i did about Scott Base.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Book Review: Frozen Foods

Name of Book: Frozen Foods
Name of Author: Philippa Werry
Name of Journal: SJ P4 No.1 2006 pp 26-32
Name of Reviewer: Jedida
Age of Reviewer: 11
School of Reviewer: Pt England School

                          Book Review: Frozen Foods
This Book (as you might know by the many tittle’s) is called Frozen Foods,
a book by Philippa Werry (as you also might know..) But anyways, this book
is about a place called Scott Base.

Scott Base is located in Antarctica. It is a place where you can go to, to
work, and live. Through Summer, and Winter, there are two different chefs.
The Summer Chef, and the Winter chef. The name of the most recent
Winter chef, is Donna Wightman.

At Scott Base, it sounds like they eat the same kinda food that we might
eat at home, or even better! In the book it says that they might never run
out of food, because there’s at least two years’ supply of extra food! The
way that they get is, so the chef orders some food from New Zealand,
some people from New Zealand come over with food such as, canned
goods, frozen meats, fish, seafood, and dry goods like sugar and flour.

There at Scott Base, even though it’s freezing outside, maybe even
freezing enough to keep food supplies cold, well, at Scott Base, in
Antarctica, they still need Freezers. So at Scott Base they have Fridges,
Walk in freezers, and some more freezers for food like frozen meats, fish,
seafood, and ice cream.

Over all, I think that this Book/story is very great, and it’s good to read it if you want to find out more information about Scott Base! This story is also good to read, because it informs you of what it’s like to live/work at Scott Base. I give this story 4 out of 5 stars. If you have made it up to here, then please feel free to leave a comment!