Monday, 26 February 2018

Learning 24 hour time

Walt:understand how to read 24 hour time.

Task description:
For this task we had to learn how to use 24 hour time. This is one of the task that we had to do.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Egg Friends

Today our teacher made carry eggs. He made us carry eggs
all around the school,and it was challenging. Has you ever had to be respectful to a egg?

First Mr Goodwin choose his egg and showed us what we had to do. Then he got another egg,
drank up all of his coffee and cracked it into his coffee cup and said eggs can die very easily if
you don’t look after them. So he started passing them out and we each got one. Then we had to
draw faces on them, and we had to name our eggs I didn’t know what to name it so I name my egg
bob’s sister because Mr Goodwin’s egg was named bob.

Then we set out to the playground past a few classrooms with our little eggs friends.
 Mr Goodwin told us to cradle the egg with two hands. We did have to stop a few times, but we
managed to get there with our egg friends safely.   

Then we finally got to the playground with our eggs and Mr Goodwin took photos of us with
our eggs, and made us do almost all of the obstacles on the big park carefully and reasonably
with our eggs. 4 people dropped their eggs and Mr Goodwin wasn't very happy with them.
We safely got to class and Mr Goodwin said time to give me your eggs so I can have them as
my omelette for breakfast.   

Thursday, 15 February 2018

From beautiful to Polluted

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story

Task Disruption:
A polluted place like this won't get much visitor's. For this task we had to pretend that we were in the story and write a post card to a friend about the place.

Friday, 9 February 2018

all about the Cameras

Walt: follow instructions and present work to high standard 

Task Disruption:
First we all had to make a title and write all about our group technology. My group are the cameras.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What's The Time Mr wolf

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time

                                    Task Disruption:
First everyone had to make copy then we did each task I found the 6th task a bit hard but this is all the work that I finished.

Monday, 5 February 2018

My daily school timetable

Walt: build a stronger knowledge based around time 

Task Description:
for this task we had to learn to tell the time better. we wrote the analog,digital,and written forms of time. we also got to attempt the bronze,silver and gold problems. I got up to bronze 

Some information about myself

Walt: make sure that I am being cyborsmart 

Task description: 
For this task we had to make a copy of the presentation above. we filled out each slide
and wrote that related to us of our families. we had to use different online tools to do so.