Friday, 5 July 2019

What is Plastic Pollution?

  What is plastic pollution?
Plastic pollution is caused by humans using too much plastic. These plastic
objects like plastic bottle lids, plastic bottles, plastic hot drink cups, plastic
straws, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, plastic utensils, and much more
(as you might know.) 

Plastic Pollution can be caused by all of these things because the plastic
that you may use everyday basically goes into the sea (and heaps of it,)
and sometimes even into sea turtles mouths (or other sea animals,) and
could possibly kill them. 

By reading this, you might be getting a bit concerned, right? Well, if you
are, then don’t worry! There's something you can do to help save the sea!
First, there’s this challenge called the Plastic Free July Challenge! Now this
is how it goes. First you have to try not to use plastic starting in July, and
do it for as long as you can. 

For some people, this can be quite hard, so some people just do it for a
week! And that’s fine. Just do it for as long as you can/want to. This
challenge includes no plastic. So you have to take away plastic from your
life for as long as you can. Me and my friend Tha Zin, are actually trying
out this challenge right now, by not bringing any plastic at all to school!

This challenge can help the Ocean because your not using plastic. By not
using plastic, you are helping the Sea Turtles as well. If you don’t  use
plastic, then it’s basically just stays in the store (or wherever plastic is,)
and the plastic can’t be harmful! If you had made it up to this part, then
thank you very much for reading, and feel free to comment, or try out this
challenge to save the Sea!!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Plastic Free July

Task Description:
Today we had to start this task about Plastic Free July. There is also a slide show that comes with it, and soon! I hope you enjoy this poster!

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Walt: (On the Slideshow.)

Task Description:
This task includes Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages. To figure out these problems, room 5 had to use their brains. This is the task that I did. Hope you enjoy the questions, and answers!

Plastic Free Challenge Slideshow

Walt: (On the slideshow!)

Task Description:
Fro this task we had to create a poster, writing, poem, advert, or story about the Plastic Free July Challenge. I chose to create a poster. My poster is on the 4th slide with the link to the blog post at the bottom. This was quite an interesting task that I will now try this month!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Hard Materials at Tech!

This is the new group that I am in for tech! It is called (as you may know from the title,) Hard Materials. In hard Materials, I am making a Jeep. Here is the reason why. I chose to make a Jeep for my Sister. This is the best choice because out of all the choices I had, the Jeep stood out to me. It will be used however my Sister wants it to be used, in my home. I might need to consider making it stable, to make sure that it can't fall over if it's on a high table or maybe something tall.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Frozen Foods Trigger Words

Title: Frozen Food
Author: Philippa Werry

Trigger Words
Living at Scott Base p26a
  • 50 yrs, 80 people
  • winter 10-12
  • scientists support staff

On this page, it explains how Scott Base works, or like how many people stay there, and when they do.
What about the food? p26b
         Nutritious Food
  • Community
It also says in the book that (if your in antarctica,) you are already taking up a lot of energy keeping warm, so you do need to eat good, nutritious food to keep your energy levels up.
Who’s in charge of feeding?p28a
  • Donna Wightman
  • Winter         
I choose these three words because there is a summer chef, and a winter chef. Right now, the latest chef is Donna Wightman.
Where does the food come from? p28b
         Bulk order
  • February
  • Hercules Aircrafts         
The Chef (Donna Wightman)Orders a Bulk order. The bulk order is delivered to Scott Base in the beginning of February, by Hercules Aircraft's.
How is the food stored? p28c
  • Fridges
  • Storage        
On page 28 it says that after the bulk order is made (or any food things,) they have to store the food (again, if they’ve already used some.) But even though it’s so Freezing in Antarctica, they Still need to use fridges and freezers to store food!
What do they eat? p29
        Typical Meals  
  • Dishes
  • Food    
In this story it also says most of the food they get to eat. They get to eat things like Nachos, Lasagne, Pizza, Thai Curries, Sushi, Meatballs with Spaghetti, and much more. They also have different nights for different themes, when there are different themes, that also means that the chef cooks different meals on those events!
Working hours? p30a
  • Sundays
  • Winter   
The chef has days off on Sundays in the winter. On those sundays/days off, she likes to Read a book, get nice,warm,and cozy and watch a movie, or go down to the American site/place, and talk to others.
Leftovers? p30b
  • Carefully
  • Wasted
Donna caters carefully to make sure that there is no left over food, or any food wasted.
Need for lots of water? p30c
  • Dry
  • Drink
Even though there's so much water around the people at Scott Base, the staff still need to drink heaps of water because the air there, is so dry.
Missing favourite foods? p32a
  • Fresh
  • Fruits
Once it’s winter, most of the yummy fruits and veggies, start to go away. But even in winter, there are still some green stuff available. The chef uses a small unit to grow things like Lettuces, Zucchini, and Tomatoes.
Cooking in Antarctica? p32b
  • Rewarding
  • Skills
Donna says that cooking is her passion (especially in Antarctica!) Cooking in Antarctica, has been the most rewarding thing! She can use her skills to make her own Pastry, Breads, Pies, Pasta, Desserts, Chutneys, and also lots of baked goodies!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Frozen Food

Walt: Condense and paraphrase key ideas in a text.

Task Description:
For this task, in my reading group we had to complete these slides about Scott Base. We also had to do the two other tasks that relate to Scott Base. In these slides you will see some question (that I have answered.) If you also look around on my blog, you may see the book review that i did about Scott Base.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Book Review: Frozen Foods

Name of Book: Frozen Foods
Name of Author: Philippa Werry
Name of Journal: SJ P4 No.1 2006 pp 26-32
Name of Reviewer: Jedida
Age of Review: 11
School of Reviewer: Pt England School

                          Book Review: Frozen Foods
This Book (as you might know by the many tittle’s) is called Frozen Foods,
a book by Philippa Werry (as you also might know..) But anyways, this book
is about a place called Scott Base.

Scott Base is located in Antarctica. It is a place where you can go to, to
work, and live. Through Summer, and Winter, there are two different chefs.
The Summer Chef, and the Winter chef. The name of the most recent
Winter chef, is Donna Wightman.

At Scott Base, it sounds like they eat the same kinda food that we might
eat at home, or even better! In the book it says that they might never run
out of food, because there’s at least two years’ supply of extra food! The
way that they get is, so the chef orders some food from New Zealand,
some people from New Zealand come over with food such as, canned
goods, frozen meats, fish, seafood, and dry goods like sugar and flour.

There at Scott Base, even though it’s freezing outside, maybe even
freezing enough to keep food supplies cold, well, at Scott Base, in
Antarctica, they still need Freezers. So at Scott Base they have Fridges,
Walk in freezers, and some more freezers for food like frozen meats, fish,
seafood, and ice cream.

Over all, I think that this Book/story is very great, and it’s good to read it if you want to find out more information about Scott Base! This story is also good to read, because it informs you of what it’s like to live/work at Scott Base. I give this story 4 out of 5 stars. If you have made it up to here, then please feel free to leave a comment!

Monday, 27 May 2019

Book Review: Rata and the Totara tree

Name of the Book: Rata and The Totara Tree
Author Of the Remake: Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira
Journal Number: SJ level 4, March 2012 pp32-37
My Name: Jedida
Age: 11
School Pt England School

                         Book Review: Rata and the
                    Totara Tree
This book (as you might know by the many titles) is called Rata and the
Totara Tree. I don’t know if I have ever read the original version, but this
version is pretty cool, and as you might see at the top of the page, that
his story is retold by Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira.

So this book is about someone named Rata. Rata is a professional canoe
builder. So his chief asked him to make the biggest canoe he could make,
that would be great for exploring more islands and things. And to make
the biggest canoe he could, he had to find the biggest tree (and one of the
lightest as well,) so him and some other guys, went out and looked for the
perfect tree….

...4 days later… after a while, they finally found a tree. This tree was a
Totara Tree. Rata was so excited that he had found the perfect tree, that
he forgot to ask Tane (god of the forest) if he could make a canoe out of it.
So him and his guys, spent all afternoon cutting down the tree, and they
knew the exact spot.

So the next day they went back ready to start actually carving the tree into
a canoe, and they cut it down once again. And then they went back the
next day, and it was back up again! And then again, and again. (Well, three
times actually..) But one day, when they cut it down, Rata decided to stay,
so he told his men to go back after a long day, to get some rest. So they
went back, and Rata stayed to see who, what, and how was the tree just
magically appearing each day.

So he spent the night hiding in a bush, right next to the tree to find out that
the birds, insects and creatures of the forest, were putting the tree up, and
all of the little bits and pieces of the tree, back into its place. Rata was
amazed, and at the same time he realized that he forgot to ask Tane if he
could *borrow* the tree!

So the next day, he left the tree as it was, and saw the birds and insects
cutting it down, and carving it into a canoe, perfectly. So even though Rata
forgot to ask (because he was so excited,) he was still able to give the
canoe to his chief.

Over all, I think that this book is pretty good. It is able to teach some
lessons to Rata and maybe some people who read the story as well. I give
this book 3 out of 5 stars. Even though I have not yet read the original
version, I still think that Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira did a great job! If you
have reached this part of the review, thank you very much for reading, and
feel free to leave a comment on my blog.  

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Last day of Textile at Tech!

Today was the last day of Textile! So today, we were focusing on getting our practice sewing papers finished. Honestly, I am pretty excited for our next class, because it's either Hard materials, Robotics, or Cooking! on the picture, you might see this piece of paper, this is my finished product. So yeah, thank you very much for checking out the rest of my work/blog posts from textile, and see you in the next subject!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Textile Cushions

In Textile we finally got to finish our cushions and this is how mine turned out! Next week will be the last week of Textile and then we will move to a different tech class at Tamaki College.

How's my design? ya like it? I like how it turned out and it looks way better than how I imagined and when it was before it was sewed! 

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Book Review: Battle

Name of the Book: Battle
Name of the Author: Maria Samuela
Journal Number: SJ L4 November 2014, pp40-45
My Name: Jedida
School: Pt England

                                   :Book Review:
This book is called Battle, and as you might be able to tell from the title,
this book is about a Battle. But this isn’t just any battle, it’s a Dance Battle.

So, I have read this book/story, and I think that it’s a great book/story, and
the author did a great job of writing it. This book is basically about a boy,
who takes his great great grandpa’s medal to a Battle (a dance battle to be
exact) and he is pretty nervous.

But when it comes to his turn, he puts jacket back and… I guess you’ll just
have to read the story to find out what happens next, or what i’m talking
about. I thought that the story was pretty short, but it’s actually pretty long
for a journal story. It’s a couple of pages long.

But anyways, I think that this book can teach some people maybe a couple
of lessons, like listen to your mother..But over all, I think that this book/story
is very good, and I recommend it for you to read. I give this story ⅘ stars.
Feel free to look at other post from me, and look out the next post about
the same story.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Jedida Immersion Assembly

Today is April 29th which is the first day of term 2 for school. This morning was immersion assembly,
and it was pretty funny. It started off as a normal assembly, but I knew it would change because it's
the beginning of the term, and in the beginning of the term, all of the teachers make there own team
movie or act. The theme for this term is "I like your Latitude."

The first performance was by Mr Burt, Mr Somerville, Mrs Tele'a, and Mr Jacobson. The performance
started with Mr Jacobson missing, and then Mr Somerville came into the (where we were having the a
assembly), with a remote. Mr Burt looked pretty confused but just went with it, Mr Somerville claimed it
was his remote and him and Mr Burt moved some stage walls around and out came a robot. They
played with it for a while and a lot of people loved it. Then out came Mr Jacobson (out of the robot.)

The next performance was by team 1, it was a movie about direction, which way is north south west
and east, and which way to go. It was also about how bees are the future and today, because bees
are very important and helpful to help fruit, and maybe vegetables grow. There movie was based in
the future so they had flying cars and everything.

As Mr Burt introduced the next performance, everyone said, it's time for team 2. So it was team 2's turn, and they had made a movie too. There movie was about there Easter egg hunt that they had last term, at the end of the term. In the movie, they told us how they looked in all directions, up, down, under, over, left, and right. So in all of the directions. Next was team Miss King introduced there movie and told everyone what they are learning about this term. As there movie started to play, we saw Miss Scanlan walking to school and not really enjoying it, so out came a fairy telling her that she can pick in any direction that the fairy gives her, the options that she got from fairy were the beach, and the forest, she choose the forest. After quite a lot of picking paths, she finally made it to school, where all of the students on her class were already there, and she was late.
"Time for Team 4!" Mr Burt said, they had made a movie as well. There movie was about navigation.
It started with 4 teachers meeting at the Pack n' save parking lot, with a narrator (Mr Jacobson,) But
there are 5 teachers in team 4, so they called Mr Goodwin (Because he's the 5th teacher,) but he did
not answer his phone or anything, but they got an incoming message from him that basically said that
they had to find there way back to Pt England without google maps or there cars, so they took a while,
and there were quite a lot of funny parts where they *had to stop for important things, quite a few times*
which ended up being food, which made everyone laugh. Eventually, they made it back to school just in
time for a meeting with Mr Goodwin, but they were pretty angry that he made them walk all that way,
and wanted him to do it himself. After there movie had played, Mr Goodwin gave a brief summery of
what team 4 are going to be learning about this term.

Lastly (or at least we thought) was team 5, and they had a performance, something different. There
performance was about travelling the world, and what continents are at the bottom or the top of the
world. Miss Tapuke was the person that was travelling around the world. The places she went to were
(In order),Europe (Paris), North America (Disney Land), Africa, And Asia. My favourite places were,
Paris and Disney Land.

Now the last performance was by Mrs Lagitupu, Miss Va'afusuaga, and Mr Vogt. They made a movie,
there movie was about how they get to school, how much time they take to get to school, and even
what time they wake up to get to school. In the movie, it also shows where they live, so if there late
or we don't know where they are, they might just live a bit far away from school.

That was the end of immersion Assembly and my story/writing, hope you enjoyed and feel free
to leave a comment. And I look forward to inquiry and learning new things this term.