Tuesday, 13 December 2016

on the 12th of December team 3 went to different places inside the school and that was called reading rotations and the story that i loved was green eggs and ham that Mr Jacobson read to us because in the book at the end a cat eats green eggs and ham and likes it and thank you all the teaches that helped.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Athletics day

On the 17th of november Pt England school had our Athletics day on the fields on friday. First all the classes had to line up to go and listen to mr burt and miss Va’afususaga talk to us. Second after mr burt and Miss Va’afususaga talked to us we all went to do our first rotation. All the girls from my class went to tug of war first. Then we went to Miss King with the high jump and some girls needed practice and some girls didn’t need practice at all. 4th we went to run with mr burt and some girls got to do the finals and some girls didn‘t get to the finals. Then we went to shot put spilt up for the people that were ready for competition and people that just wanted to have a go at it. Next we went to mr blakey for javelin and That was heaps of fun to. 7th we went to go and do the egg and spoon race with 2 people that came to help for Athletics day. 8th we went to ranen with relays and we all needed water after that. 9th we went to play a game with a girl from youthtown. Then we played with 2 youthtown boys that told us another game and that was heaps of fun to.  Last we played a game with frisbees and we had to knock down more frisbees.