Friday, 19 January 2018

Trip to Kawerau!

Wow, what an experience we just had in Kawerau! For the new year, my family and I drove down to Kawerau to stay with our cousins. During our time there, the internet broke and the weather was really bad so we spent most of the time playing new board games that we had just been given for Christmas. This was fun because we had lots of different games to choose from.

After lots of days of rain and wind, one day it didn't rain and the sun came out. This was so nice and so hot so we all went down to the lake for a swim. We went to the lake every day after that until it was time to come home. We had a really good time down in Kawerau.

Merry Christmas!

This holiday is a Christmas holiday and my family's Christmas was fun . On Christmas Eve my Dad's extended family came to my house and had a party which was lots of fun because we got to host it. I was very excited to see my cousins from other countries because we don't normally get to see them.  There were 50 people at this party! Here is a picture of me and my Aunty Annie!

The next day was Christmas Day and we spent it with my Mum's extended family. We went to my Uncle's house and he has the cutest dog named Charlie and Charlie was in a little dog Santa suite.  Everyone was having lots of fun as we celebrated Christmas.

The next day was boxing day and we had one more party, this time, all of Mum's extended family came to our house for the day and we ate all the Christmas leftovers. This was really fun because we got to see our cousins another time. 

Merry Christmas everyone!