Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day 3 - Activity 3

The kiwi is New Zealand's national and endangered bird. But you can not just find a kiwi anywhere they live in rain-forest and they only come out at night.

The native bird I have chosen is the Little Spotted Kiwi.  The most common place they are found is on Kapiti Island.   It is the smallest of all the Kiwi family and normally weighs between 1.2 to 2kg.  Little Spotted Kiwis eat things like worms, cicadas, bugs, small fruit and leaves.

There were not any of these kiwis left on the north or south Island, but now they put some on some of the smaller islands around Auckland and Wellington.  They live in forests and cannot fly.  They are nocturnal, which means they come out at night and sleep during the day.

 I think they are really cute!  

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  1. Hi Jedida,

    I think that you made a great choice. The little spotted kiwi bird is such an important animal in New Zealand. It is our national symbol and is one that we do not want to lose. Fortunately, there are a number of organisations who are working very hard to save the protect and preserve the spotted kiwi. I really hope that they are successful!

    I must admit that I have only ever seen a kiwi bird once and it was at the Auckland zoo. Have you ever seen one? They are particularly difficult to see because they do only come out at night time and, therefore, walk around in the pitch black.

    Aronui and I have recently started reading a series of books about kiwi birds called 'Little Kiwi.' They are all about a kiwi bird who goes on a series of adventures with his friends and his family. Have you ever heard of the 'Little Kiwi' books? If not, I would highly recommend them. I'm pretty sure that you could borrow them from the library in Glen Innes...

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, Jedida. Both Mrs Burt and I are so pleased to see that you are using your chromebook at home to participate in the programme. Way to go!!