Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Money and Decimals Warm-up Task

Task Description:

This task was a warm up task for maths this week. For this task, we focused on money and decimals. For the next task for maths this week, we are going to be focusing on fractions. My strategies for most of these, was adding the big numbers first, in this case, the dollars. Then I added the cents, next I added them all together and ended up with the answer.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Year 8 Camp Questions

  1. If you were to give ideas for the next year 7/8 camp what would you suggest? More time to practice for the concert ,and have great weather, and fun.
  2. What would you keep? Go karts
  3. What would you stop? Trampoline time
  4. What would you add? Card games for free time?
  5. Why do we have such events? To learn leadership skills, and have funTalk about whare tapa whā and key competencies
At camp we were taught four different phrases. 
1: O le ala i le pule, o le tatua which means, to serve
2. Awhi rito, which we learnt about in the lesson with mrs Tele’a at camp, and it means the love that surrounds you
3. Teu le vā, means keep your distance. We also used this phrase after lockdown
4. Fiafia, means happy

Overall, I really enjoyed camp, and would probably go again if I could.

Leaders Sharing Time

Leaders Sharing Time:

Year 7s:
  • Sauma: was one of the leaders/captain of Skrikers, and her highlight was watching her team become leaders, aswell as her, and the other leaders
  • Bradley: was also one of the leaders/captain of Skrikers, and his highlight was being a prefect
  • Nina: was the leader/captain of Thunder, her highlight was the food
  • Mohammed: was the other leader/captain of Thunder, and I think he enjoyed being a leader
  • Simon: was one of the leaders/captain of duck life, and his highlight was being a leader
  • Oalii: was the other leader of duck life, and her highlight was the stacking cup games, because she liked that the teams were cheering
Year 8s:
  • Jezakaia: was the leader/captain of Coromandel, and his highlight was slepping with his mates in their cabin, because Pashel told them a myth/legend, and made them scared
  • Mamarei: was the other leader/captain of Coromandel, and her highlight was seeing her team support each other
  • Sione: was on of the team leaders/captain of Thames, and enjoyed watching this team work together
  • Caleb: was the team leader/captain of Kauaranga, and his higlight was paintball, and archery
  • Zamera: was the team leader/captain of Kauri and, her highlight was go carts
  • Arther: was the other team leader/captain, and he enjoyed camp.
I thought that they all made great leaders, and am very gald that they were our leaders.

Year 8 Camp pt 1

                            Year 8 Camp
Last week, we had year 8 camp. It was supposed to be around the beggining of the year, but due to the virus, we had it last week. Camp was very fun, and I really enjoyed it. I found camp fun because of the fun activities, yum food, and the cool movie that played both nights. We stayed there for baically three days, and it was so much fun.

(:day 1, part 1:)

Firstly, it was 8:00 on a wednesday morning. Everyone was a mix of tired, and excited. We talked and ran around the hall, and waited for the frist teacher to give us our instuctions. When Mrs Tele'a came in, and we sat down. We had quite a long send off to camp, filled with prayers, songs, and introductions from the adults coming with us, and the camp leaders. While Mr Burt was telling us about camp, and to be respectful, the adults loaded up the busses, and we hopped onto the busses, and were on our way. I can't really remember much of the drive there, because I was asleep for most of it. When I woke up, we were at camp. I was quite excited, because I had heard good things about this camp.

Next, we got into our teams got face paint the color for our team, and headed to the gym, to play some games. This is basically what we did for a while, and then we went back to our cabins, and unloaded our stuff. Then we were off to our first rotations. My group was called Thames, and our first rotation was gym games. I found this activite quite fun because, for this rotation, we had to make the fun ourselfs. So me, and the people in my group played a lot of games like, hide and seek tag, getting the ball in the hoop, line tiggy, soccer, and more. The rest of the day was just meetings, and lessons. for dinner, we had nachos. These nacho were very delicous. On my plate, I found some crunchy chips, with warm mince, followed by a refreshing salad, with some salsa on the side, and some sour cream on the mince. For dessert (yes, there was dessert,) we had ice cream with apple crumble. After our meal, we headed upstairs into a secret room. There, Mrs Tele'a taught us about 1,2,3 and 4. 1 being the youngest, 2 being adults, and 3 & 4 being more adults, and grandparents. She taught us about leading with our role, and gave us paper, and pens, to write down what sometimes stops us from helpping with different roles. I found this both a tiny bit confusing, and lesson/leader-ful.

After that, we prepared ourselfs for either bed, or a movie. The movie was Nacho libre, and I am just now realizing that we watched Nacho Libre, and had Nachos for dinner! Anyways, after the ovie was bed for the year 8s, while the adults probably stayed up for a bit, to make sure that we didn't stay up for a bit. My sleep was alright, I think the girls in my cabin next to the wall had to listen to the banging on the wall for a while though.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Task Description:
This task was the maths activity of the week, seeing as the year 8's are heading off to camp soon. For this task, we focused on adding, and subtracting decimals fractions to 2 decimals places. I learnt a lot from this task, and enjoyed it.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Digital Passport

Task Descirpition:
This task was apart of our inquiry rotations. This is my digital passport from all of the classes we went to.

Whare Tapa Wha Keeping on top of my well-being

Task Description:
This task was apart of Te Whare Tapa Wha. In this drawing, we had to write down what corner of the house have we been looking after the most, what we could inprove in, and how we can inprove in that taha.