Thursday, 15 August 2019

Zebra fish Research

Task Description:
For this task, we had to write down what we learnt and picked up on this day about zebra fish, how they live, what they are, and what scientist are doing. This is what me and my buddy/classmate, Tha Zin, put into this presentation. Hope you enjoy!


Today, we went to K.P.M.G, which stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. First we took the pretty long bus ride there and then, when we got there, we had to walk around the corner and we saw the building. They welcomed us all into the building, and we all went into a cool room that had three TV's, an open space, a few table's, and some bean bags in it.

We all sat down and someone called Justine who works at K.P.M.G, explained a bit about what we were going to be doing today. After she told us about that, she invited all of the workers in the room to come and introduce themselves to us. They all did that, and we got to know them pretty well. And then two people called Susan and Lucy came up to the front, and told us a bit about their jobs, and ecology, and some information about water. 

Next, it was time for morning tea. For morning tea, we had some fruit sticks, and scones (which were really nice.) It was then time to walk about five minutes to Sustainable Coastlines, where a nice lady let us ask some questions and explained a bit more about water and more sea creatures. On the way back to K.P.M.G. I walked next to my friend Zaeeda, and we were at the front of the line, and got to talk to someone called Holly. She was very nice, and she even agreed on some of the things that me and Zaeeda said that we don't like! Then we went to the K.P.M.G. building, and we learnt a bit from Miro, who works at K.P.M.G. and we split up into different groups, and learnt about different Maori gods. Then it was time for lunch!! The lunch that we had was amazing and delicious. There were burgers, salad, fruit sticks, mini flat bread/pizza thingies, and it was just great! 

After that, every team got to build their own robot with the objects that K.P.M.G provided. My team built a pretty cool robot that was supposed to pick up the rubbish, and sort it into the right piles, and ask the owner for the right directions on how to do things as well. After that, sadly it was time to leave, so we all got ready to go, and we thanked them all, and walked back around the corner to the bus. Then we went back to school, and all wrote blog posts, and here is mine, so thank you very much for reading!

Monday, 12 August 2019

Fragile Web of Life

Task Description:
For this task, we had to explain what we learnt from a video that we all watched in class. This is what Me and Tha Zin did.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Capital E

Task Description:
For this task, we had to explain our thoughts and about what happened at Capital E's performance yesterday. This is what me, Zaeeda, and Tha Zin wrote about the performance. We hope you enjoy!

Friday, 2 August 2019