Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Baking With My Mum - My Exploding Orange Cake

Yesterday I got a cool book at school. It is a cook book so it is full with food recipes. I wanted to try one out, I had a look through the book and I found the Exploding Orange Cake.  My Mum and I made it together on Saturday 27 June. Here are some pictures of me and my book.

Here are some pictures of me and the Exploding Orange Cake.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pirate crew

This is my pirate crew and I had this for my maths one day.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maui and the sun

Once upon a time it was a dark night Maui and his brothers code not do anything at all because the sun was not shine on the stuff that there were doing because they code not see they went and sneakd up on the sun the sun said please let me go but they did not the end.