Friday, 16 June 2017


At first people could only walk .About 9,000 years before Jesus was born (BC),people used animals to travel around.Three thousand years later on people invented waka’s and sail boat’s.The first wheel was made in about 3,500 years  before jesus was born.Around 350 years ago people invented carriages so people can ride around more faster. 150-200 years ago people invented boats and ships so people can travel .About the same time trains were invented to travel more faster.Early cars were very uncomfortable to sit in.The most important invention was an airplane because it has lots of engines.Rockets were sent into space in the 1950s and the 1960s.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


This week Room 9 have been learning about fractions and in fractions we have learnt that there are halves,quarters,thirds,fifths and all kinds of different numbers.I think that fractions are fun.

Friday, 2 June 2017


I am learning how to code using hour of code. my coding challenges are about choosing the right blocks of code.

What has happened to Miss West today

What has happened to Miss West today

Today I realised that Miss West was not at school. So I told Zaeeda and she had just realised it to. But I hadn’t seen anyone else figuring it out so I asked Zaeeda if she could help me find Miss West and she said yes I will help you find Miss West so let's start ‘said Zaeeda’ yay ‘said Jedida’ are you excited that Miss West is lost ‘ said Zaeeda’ no ‘said Jedida’ I’ve just never been on adventure before.   

So Why don't we look around school ‘said Zaeeda’ sure ‘said Jedida’.Let’s go look around school,so we started to split up and I look around school but still no sign of Miss West, then we sat down and thought. Maybe she was joking about her call when she called in sick.

Maybe she did not finish all of her work in the weekend and she wanted to have a break from school or she was kidnapped by aliens or maybe is on a vacation but my finale guess was that she was a spy and she made a joke call to school that she was sick but actually she was just at home collecting all of the information that she had. But I also wanted to add to the spy idea maybe her boss wanted to rule Pt England so her boss sent her to Pt England. So that's what I think happened to miss west.