Friday, 30 September 2016

Usain Bolt

When Usain Bolt crossed the finish line he felt very proud of himself because he got the gold medal. He also felt thankful of his supporters and his family because they gave him love and helped him train for the Olympics.


The Greeks were exhausted as the battle came to an end. The Greeks Celebrated with joy they won the battle. The boss told Pheidippides to run to Athens.

Over the rocky mountains there went Pheidippides went running 42.2km. Still day and night Pheidippides ran and ran with no food or water. But still Phidippides kept on running from Marathon to Athens.

‘’Joy! we won!’’ shouted Pheidippides as he died.


In 1190 B.C Ancient Egyptians competed against each other in Fencing. They used Fencing to practise their sword fighting skills. They want to become good at fighting in battles.   
120 years later at the Modern Olympic games had Fencing

Pierre de Coubertin

After a gap of hundreds of years the Olympics returned to Athens in 1896. The reason behind the recreations of the Olympics was because of one man Pierre de Coubertin. He admired the Greek Ideals of fitness sporting competitiveness amongst different communities. And he   hoped that the modern Olympics would bring countries together.

The First Olympics

The Olympics of 1896 in Athens in Greece had 14 countries taking part with of most of the athletes from Greece. This first modern olympics was the largest meeting of international competitors that had ever occurred. The next olympics held in paris 4 years was the first to allow women competitors.

This time the Olympics  were part of a much bigger event and lasted until several months.

Pick a Path Story

It was a clear and crisp night. Sam skipped joyfully through the park. He noticed birds’ twilight chirping all around him. What a magical day it was.