Monday, 10 July 2017

Day 2- Activity 2

Auckland is home to 1.500000 people. In Auckland there are more boats per capita (per person) than      any other city in the world. Wow!

My five most favourite tourist things to do are;
1.  Sky tower
2.  Kelly Tarltons Aquarium
3.  Catching the ferry to Devonport
4.  Mission bay
5.  The zoo

The sky tower stands as the highest building in Auckland at 328 meters and has been standing in that position for 20 years. Also the sky has a restaurant, souvenirs, movies about the sky tower and bungee jumping. My family and I went to the Sky Tower restaurant for my brother's 18th birthday - it was very flash!

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  1. Hi Jedida
    I am pleased you get to take your Chromebook home these holidays AND that you are taking part in the Winter Learning Journey.
    Your list of favourite things and places is very similar to mine. Isn't that restaurant up the Sky Tower FLASH! I will let you into a secret though - I am scared of heights and had to sit with my back to the view. It is very lame, I know :(
    One think I like to do which isn't on your list is to go to the Viaduct and look at all the boats there, and people watch. It is going to get very exciting down there when the America's Cup yachts arrive and all the big boats that follow them.

    Keep posting

    Mrs Burt