Friday, 27 January 2017

Staying At A Farm

One really cool thing we did in the holidays was staying at a Farm. At the Farm we rode on horses and I was excited and my horses name was Dodge.  Even though milking the cows was heaps of fun I was terrified that one of them would poo or pee on us.  My mum and dad got poo on their jackets and my sister got poo on her shoes too!  Yuck!
We went kayaking on a lake which was so much fun!  I even ended up going by myself and it was easy!  At night we drove down the farm road to see glow worms.  I thought the glow worms were going to be bigger, but i liked seeing them light up everywhere - like LED lights!
Probably my favourite thing at the farm was hanging out with my family and seeing my cousins from Australia.  Aroha and I squeezed grapefruit to make juice for everyone. We had to wait for the cows to leave the orchard because the cows liked the grapefruit too!  Semaia (my big brother) picked off grapefruit for us because he has really long arms.
I really hope we go back to visit the farm again - maybe with different cousins next time.

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