Friday, 27 January 2017

New Years Eve

On the 31st of December 2016, me, my dad and my sisters went to Auckland Hospital. We went to watch the fireworks for New Years eve. We went there because it was a great view of the sky tower and we were going to pick up our mum too because she works there. After we picked up my mum, we waited for a while until the numbers started counting down on the skytower till midnight.  Everyone around us was counting down too and we all shouted when it was 2017.
On our way to have dinner before heading home, we looked up and there was a line of fire going down Mount Wellington! We stopped to have a look and saw three fire engines all trying to put out the fire.

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  1. Your first line of the story had me worried until I thought a little bit and realised that nothing was wrong you would just be picking up mum. Thank goodness that was the case. What a good idea it was picking up mum before the fireworks and being able to enjoy them together.
    Do you have any more fun holiday stories to share Jedida? We'd love to read them.