Friday, 5 July 2019

What is Plastic Pollution?

  What is plastic pollution?
Plastic pollution is caused by humans using too much plastic. These plastic
objects like plastic bottle lids, plastic bottles, plastic hot drink cups, plastic
straws, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, plastic utensils, and much more
(as you might know.) 

Plastic Pollution can be caused by all of these things because the plastic
that you may use everyday basically goes into the sea (and heaps of it,)
and sometimes even into sea turtles mouths (or other sea animals,) and
could possibly kill them. 

By reading this, you might be getting a bit concerned, right? Well, if you
are, then don’t worry! There's something you can do to help save the sea!
First, there’s this challenge called the Plastic Free July Challenge! Now this
is how it goes. First you have to try not to use plastic starting in July, and
do it for as long as you can. 

For some people, this can be quite hard, so some people just do it for a
week! And that’s fine. Just do it for as long as you can/want to. This
challenge includes no plastic. So you have to take away plastic from your
life for as long as you can. Me and my friend Tha Zin, are actually trying
out this challenge right now, by not bringing any plastic at all to school!

This challenge can help the Ocean because your not using plastic. By not
using plastic, you are helping the Sea Turtles as well. If you don’t  use
plastic, then it’s basically just stays in the store (or wherever plastic is,)
and the plastic can’t be harmful! If you had made it up to this part, then
thank you very much for reading, and feel free to comment, or try out this
challenge to save the Sea!!

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