Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Book Review: Battle

Name of the Book: Battle
Name of the Author: Maria Samuela
Journal Number: SJ L4 November 2014, pp40-45
My Name: Jedida
School: Pt England

                                   :Book Review:
This book is called Battle, and as you might be able to tell from the title,
this book is about a Battle. But this isn’t just any battle, it’s a Dance Battle.

So, I have read this book/story, and I think that it’s a great book/story, and
the author did a great job of writing it. This book is basically about a boy,
who takes his great great grandpa’s medal to a Battle (a dance battle to be
exact) and he is pretty nervous.

But when it comes to his turn, he puts jacket back and… I guess you’ll just
have to read the story to find out what happens next, or what i’m talking
about. I thought that the story was pretty short, but it’s actually pretty long
for a journal story. It’s a couple of pages long.

But anyways, I think that this book can teach some people maybe a couple
of lessons, like listen to your mother..But over all, I think that this book/story
is very good, and I recommend it for you to read. I give this story ⅘ stars.
Feel free to look at other post from me, and look out the next post about
the same story.

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