Friday, 27 July 2018

Immersion Assembly

On Monday, we had our first day back at school for term 3, and we had immersion assembly. At immersion assembly we got a big surprise from Mr Burt, he was dressed up as a girl, his name was Beyonce Burt and he made the whole school laugh and do jump-jam. Have you ever had to do that in Immersion Assembly before?

 For this term our theme for our school is move ya’ body. Move ya’ body is about exercise,movement and energy. So running,dancing and fitness would be great for this term’s theme. Move ya’ body is also about healthy eating and hydration.

 At Immersion assembly on Monday we learnt that team 4 are learning about exercise,fitness and working out. The video that we watched for team 4 was funny and exciting and I think that a lot of people enjoyed it. So we are going to be doing lots of movement and running.

 This term I would like to learn about good, nutritious and fun foods and lots of things about running,dancing and fitness. I think that it would be fun and helpful to learn about that for this term. Jump-jam is fitness and dancing too.

 I think the theme for this coming term is great because fitness, movement, running, exercise, energy, hydration and healthiness is very important in everyone’s lives. That is what the theme is about. I can’t wait to see what we learn about these next few weeks.

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